It happens to the best of us. Either we wash something down the sink, or let weird things build up and the next thing you know the sink won't drain. it's frustrating and potentially expensive, but there are a number of tricks to un-clog it your self and tips to prevent future clogs.

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For clogged drains, try not to use chemical solutions. Often, pouring these down your pipes will cause erosion, doing way more harm than good. What you want to do instead is get what's called a snake, found at your local hardware store. You basically just stick it down the drain and fish for whatever is clogging it up. You can also hire a plumber to do this, but that can be expensive.

If you cant clear the clog with this method, you may have to resort to the chemical solution, but try to use it sparingly.

Once you have nice and clean pipes, you want to prevent another clog! If possible, install filters over drains in the bathroom, kitchen, and in any drain that doesn't already have one. This will catch any debris that could potentially clog your drain in the future.

In the kitchen, never put food down the drain. This is just asking for a clog. Also, never ever pour hot grease down the drain. Again, this is asking for a clog.

Sounds pretty easy right? Good luck clearing it up, and go buy some filters!