Almost everyone I know who uses their kitchen even the slightest bit has encountered a pesky scratch on their countertop. Not only is a scratch an unsightly eyesore, it can be expensive to replace the entire counter depending on what your counter is made out of. Well, fret no more. All you need is a box of crayons and a spatula knife and you can fix that scratch right up.

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Once you've acquired your crayons, pick the color that best matches your countertop. If you consider yourself artistically inclined, you may even want to mix a couple colors to get the best match.

After you've picked the color(s), set the crayon(s) in a microwave safe bowl and heat until completely melted.

Pour the crayon mix onto the scratch and work into the scuff with the spatula knife. You need to work quickly because the wax in the crayon dries quickly.

Once you've got the scratch filled in, remove the excess with the spatula knife.

After it has completely dried, your scratch should be camouflaged and barely noticeable.

While this fix isn't permanent, it definitely fixes an eyesore if you're crunched for time!
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