Roaches are a terrible, disgusting problem. There's a saying that suggests that every time you see one roach, there's 100 more that you don't see. While that may or may not be true, it's disgusting nonetheless. Roaches carry germs, disease, and they leave poop. Ew.

Luckily there are some things you can do to lower the occurrence of these nasty uninvited guests. Read on, and suggest your own tips in the comments!

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Before you bring in any outside agents, try doing a serious clean of your home. A good clean is necessary in these places (this list is not exclusive, so clean EVERYWHERE!) :

-Make sure there's no standing water anywhere in your home. Check around sinks, showers, toilets, and anywhere there's a possibility of standing water.
-Clean your kitchen relentlessly. Roaches are scouring for food and crumbs are perfect for them. Clean near the stove, microwave and in the bottom of cupboards.
-Wipe down cupboards and drawers with soap and water and/or clorox.
-Immediately clean and put away leftovers and dirty dishes.

If your roach problem persists after your cleaning overhaul, you've got options:

Traps: Roaches tend to hang out in dark places, like under sinks and refrigerators, behind stoves, in cupboards, etc. Get some sticky traps and set them in these places, and any place that you've found roaches before. Check them often, they can fill up quickly depending on how bad your roach problem is.

Bait stations: These work similar to traps, except they actually have an ingredient that attracts roaches. The active ingredient is also toxic to roaches and kills them when they touch or ingest it.

Natural "Green" killers: If you don't want to use chemicals like the above-mentioned options, there's a more natural solution. Mix boric acid with flour and water and place in jar lids in the back of cupboards and underneath stoves and/or refrigerators. The flour attracts the roaches and the acid kills them. Boric acid is pretty toxic, so KEEP AWAY from pets and children.

If the above suggestions don't work, it's time to bring in a professional. Roaches are gross and can cause health problems.