Good old aluminum foil. It's one of those household items that is capable of doing so much more than covering left overs. You can even use it for things outside of the kitchen! Below are some handy tips I found for out-of-the-box aluminum foil usage!
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  • Glassware scrubber: To get stuck-on food off of a glass baking dish, simply use dish soap and balled up aluminum foil instead of one of those metal scrubbing pads. You save money on those little pads and get to reuse old aluminum foil!

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  • Grill Helper: Lay a sheet of aluminum foil over the grill to trap the heat and heat the grill faster. When you're done, use that piece of foil to scrape off residue/gunk.
  • Fixture Protector: When you're painting around knobs, etc., use aluminum foil to wrap around fixtures to prevent any paint from tarnishing your knobs. The aluminum foil molds to the fixture and protects the whole thing and stays in place.
  • Foil funnel: Shape the foil into a funnel and easily transfer liquids from one container to another without the mess that's usually involved.

The possible uses for aluminum foil are endless. Get creative!

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