Spring is here, and with it comes beautiful weather. I don't know about you, but I want to let as much sunlight in my home as possible. Therefore, I really need to clean my windows. It's been a while - like, before Christmas - since I've cleaned them, so I know my windows must have a nice film of grime. Keep reading for the best way to clean your windows for Spring!

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The key to having the cleanest and streak-free windows is to have the right tools for the job. You'll need a good squeegee, a squeegee wet cover (or a cleaning cloth attached to the squeegee), dry cleaning cloths, and your preferred cleaning solution. Once you've got your supplies, follow these three simple steps:

Step 1: Pour your preferred cleaning solution into a bucket that's wide enough for your squeegee to fit into. Submerge the squeegee with the cover or the attached cleaning cloth into the bucket. Wipe/smear the solution all over the window surface.
Remove the cover from the squeegee. Working from the top of the window and going down, pull the squeegee across the window in horizontal strokes, drawing the dirt and cleaning solution off of the glass. Curve the squeegee down at the end of each draw. Wipe the squeegee dry after each stroke.

Step 2: Pull the squeegee from top to bottom, working across. Again, dry the squeegee after each stroke. This helps avoid streaks.

Step 3: Once you're finished with the squeegee, run a dry cleaning cloth down the far side of the window (where the strokes ended) to dry any streaks/drips that may have gotten left behind. Soak up any solution that may have dripped onto the windowsill.

Enjoy your bright, clean windows!