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This is getting out of hand!!


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  • This is getting out of hand!!

    Now my PC is fumbling up! I usually ran two windows through Mozilla, one was Yahoo E-mail, the other was for my book marks. For two days the Yahoo page came up, but an extra window showed claiming the Yahoo tool bar could not be displayed and that the display could possibly be a third party imitation. I could click on all items on the page except for the e-mail part. Soooo, today I downloaded the latest Mozilla. Now I can only display one version of Yahoo and STILL cannot get to the e-mail. I've tried many approaches to access it, but all of them don't work. I even went so far as to restore to a known point in January before I did all this. Now what?!! HELLLP!!

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    I think I fixed it. Apparently there was a Mozilla requirement for Yahoo's tool bar that got lost. I downloaded a new tool bar, let Mozilla accept it, and now all appears to be okay.


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      Glad you posted with a follow up. Thanks.


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        I would uninstall the yahoo toolbar and scan the computer in safe mode.


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          I am new here.I like to discus. By the way, I have a problem. That's mean, my computer dose not gives to support me. What will I do. Have any advised for me?