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  • Internet connection....

    Electric storm a few days ago cuased a loss of internet connection. Is that just a motherboard issue? Is that a repairable issue or a new board issue?
    The second problem I'm having is with the laptop. I can get the connection hard-wire wise, but the machine says there's a proxy server issue.
    I have an hp pc and laptop and run Mozilla. The service is Frontier phone using a Seimans high speed modem. The modem is powering up normal.
    I've spent quite a number of hours trying to find how to verify or change the proxy server but cannot find how to. do I verify the proxy server?
    The proxy server has the correct proxy server, but no internet connection.
    The mini lap has the connection, but the wrong proxy server.
    What is a pxy server?
    Thanks for any help....

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    Proxy server....

    With the help of my eldest step-daughter, the mini laptop is now working.

    I have an old motherboard from a past issue and may swap the connection ports from board to board.


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      Is there any way to find out what exactly it is that makes a computer slow?

      I wonder whether it is the connection via my surf stick or if it is the computer itself which is already a couple of years old...


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        Shame on me....

        Update on connection issue: Turned out it was the connection board. Can't remember how much it was, cheap anyway. Simply pulled out the old one, installed the new one, inserted the setup disc and all is good!
        Samus, Even though it's an old unit, speed should still be good for it. Do you do regular tune ups? That is, clearing history, temp folders and such?


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          computer slow

          if you're running firefox go to the top under TOOLS then OPTIONS. Next go to ADVANCED, second window down. make sure the NETWORK tab is open, then CLEAR CACHE. If the amount doesn't go to zero don't worry it'll give any reading less than what it was running at.