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Mass storage device....


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  • HayZee518
    safely remove device

    don't let the comment bother you. I have the same thing on my machine. when I have external devices plugged into my usb ports, the utility is there to power down the device so you can remove it without losing data.
    anything you plug into the usb port generates a drive letter.
    you don't have to do anything.
    if you have an external usb hard drive, a usb webcam, a camera download cable, anything plugged into the usb port will be assigned a drive letter.
    just run the utility if you want to remove the device, cable etc.

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  • mrcaptainbob
    started a topic Mass storage device....

    Mass storage device....

    Had a note at the lower right corner about safely removing hardware. I clicked it to see what is what and it said to click here to safely remove the printer (which I did not want to do) and it also had a listing for 'mass storage device drive F'. Huh? I have no drive F and and never installed a mass storage device. So...I uninstalled it using that click and the response is that I can now safely remove the mass the mass storage device. Anybody hazard a guess as to what's going on with this?