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Can't download superantispyware updates


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  • Can't download superantispyware updates

    I have Windows xp and successfully downloaded the free version but can't figure out how to get the updated definitions on my USP memory gadget.


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    Usp ?

    Don't you mean a USB thumb drive?
    Normally if you have the super antispy software installed on your computer, it updates what's already in its directory.
    I just d/l an upgrade to mine without any problems.
    If you are using the antispy stuff on another machine, just copy the unlock code to that machine and run the upgrade from there. you don't need the thumb drive.


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      Yes, it is a thumb drive.. I am not connected to the net. It says that for manual download, save file to desktop & double click to run installer. Do I download an installer (where?) and download desktop SAS updates too?


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        thumb drive

        if you are running firefox you should see a download window. also in firefox in the general setup tab it asks you to generate a download directory. anything you download will go into this directory.
        then its a simple task of copying or moving the downloaded file to your thumb drive.
        when you plug in the thumb drive xp should recognize it and install software for it either from its files or from the net.
        then you go to Computer and choose the C: drive
        a whole chain of devices will show up including the thumb drive.
        then you right click on the file and drag it to your thumb drive and release the mouse button. it'll ask copy or move.
        to install the program you click on the directory on the thumb drive and it will install it.
        but you state your not connected to the net, then why do you need an anti-spy program?


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          I bought a used computer and the previous owner used the net. Is the Superantispyware program current when it is downloaded? I used it to get rid of some problems. Also when downloading stuff from the net from the library to a thumbdrive, some infections could be transferred so updates might be required.

          There are some like Juno that provides 10 free hours per month, but you have to make allowances which may not be sorth the trouble.

          I managed to transfer the updates from the C: to the thumbdrive but haven't tried it yet. Your suggestion will be next. Just the part about clicking on the updates to get it working helps. Thanks.


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            used computer

            when you boot up super antispy ware indicates it is running in the background. the spyware program shows what sites earmark your browser history and the cookies they send to track what you do. this is where an anti virus kicks in to stop any infiltration into your system of unwanted programs that try to install along with any other programs you may have that do automatic upgrades.
            antispy will block certain programs. an example is a PUP or potential unwanted programs. antispy will tell you where it is, i.e. C://LOCAL/USER/HYSYS/filename.
            Its upgrade or update may or may not alert you to upgrades. You may have to try a search within the program for updates.


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              A double click on the updates worked. A full cleaning turned up a few that didn't get caught the last time. So far, so good.