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    I am surprised at how far I'.m allowed getting into HRF! After a FireFox update a month or so I could not display the HRF home page without a system crash. The error was never sent to Mozilla. Tonight I thought I'd stop the display of the HRF home page. Managed to log in after that and it appears to be working okay so far. I wonder what on the home page is causing an issue on FireFox?

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    could also be your security clearance in hrf. usually low numbers on your profile let you see more. mine is a number 1.


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      Well that's interesting. Did not know there was a security clearance on HRF. But how would that impact just opening the home page? Can't log in without initially contacting the site. I had to do it again. Stopping the initial site contact will allow me to log in. If I just let it do a full display it kills the window.


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        This was the first time I clicked 'home' instead of 'forum' after logging in. Something on the home page kills the windows for me and sends me to the Mozilla crash report windows. Is there something in the add-ons, plug-ins or extensions that's making this happen?


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          I don't know what you have installed in your plug-ins. Normally I can view the postings without logging in or viewing them after logging in. I am not exited after any choice.
          There must be something of a compatibilty issue with firefox and your add ons. I just looked and I got about a half page of add ons. only thing I got in extensions is avast ad blok.