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Strange network printer issue


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  • Strange network printer issue

    Actually the problem is not with the printer, but rather my father's laptop. He has a Sony Viao and a Brother network printer. Everyone else in the house can print just fine. My mother is hardwired to the router, my sister is on a laptop and wireless. Both print just fine.

    My Dad's laptop is where things get weird. If he hardwires to the router he can print just fine, but if he goes wireless the printer shows offline and won't let him print. This issue started randomly, it used to work just fine until last week.

    Any ideas?

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    Check the printer drivers once, it happened to me also.


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      agreed, check the printer drivers.


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        Ok, after looking into his computer, I've discovered a little more. Here's the REAL issue...

        You have to know something about my Dad, he monkey's with stuff. *roll eyes here*. He does it without knowing what he's doing or making backups before he starts.

        He has F-Secure on his computer. If I disable the firewall the printer shows up and works just fine via wireless. He likes to tinker and "tweak" so I know for a fact he changed some kind of firewall setting and his printer stopped working lol. I'm looking through but nothing is standing out to me. I'm good with computers but firewall settings are something I've never familiarized myself with too much. I'm going to keep poking around, but in the meantime... any suggestions to look at something more closely?

        Love my Dad, but ... lol


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          I switched the firewall profile setting from "home" to "office" and the printer instantly came online and allows me to print