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Low disk space.....


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  • Low disk space.....

    I keep getting this message in the lower right corner. I have run the clean disc and it makes no diff. Am told by that pop up to delete programs no longer in use. I've deleted Malware Bites and a few others like that....releasing what I thought to be many, many MB's of space, it made no diff. I'm not downloading anything to take this space up, yet space is being taken. WHAT is going on?

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    Run your virus scan first, too make sure the disk is clean. MS update adds to your disk in the background but that's necessary so don't turn it off. Unless you did a clean install most computers come with lots of junk ware that most times is unneeded, added browsers and useless tool bars take up space get rid of ones you don't use. You might just need a bigger hard drive if you save lots of files like movies, pd f's, and such. Those kind of files should be saved to external drives


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      go to START, MY COMPUTER. and bring up PROPERTIES of your hard drive. Now take a look at what your hard drive size is, then what the size is of occupied space. If its close to being filled then start deleting junk files. You might make use of compressing files.