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Lost the sound icon...


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  • Lost the sound icon...

    There was always an icon in the lower right along with other things. Don't know where it disappeared to, but it's gone. Expanding the bar show it's still not there. So....where do I find it and how do I get it back?

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    check the audio drivers for the motherboard. what sometimes happens the symbol is there but there's nothing loading for it.
    if you have a separate audio card make sure its drivers are up to date.
    you might need to uninstall the audio feature then reload it.


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      Thanks, HayZee. The uninstall comment caused me to look at the sound options in the control panel. For some reason it was on mute. But further than that is where the icon went. I don't like sound all the time and want the option of on/off. I'll try to find how to get that icon back. Thanks for the help. It got me halfway there.