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  • Dell Mini...

    My wife wa kind to me and Christmas presented me with an HP15 with W10!!!
    She would like to use my older Dell Mini with XP on it. As I've stated in other
    posts, the Mini is loused up. It works, but is full. I'd like to restore it to factory
    defaults, but all the directions I find relate to pressing F!! at startup. Well, the
    keys only go to F10. So how DO I get it back to factory?

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    since xp is not further supported by mikeysoft you'll need to find an xp original disk for that kind of computer


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      If you cannot find a disc, as XP is no longer a current OS, you can download a copy from PirateBay, don't worry MS wont mind it's an obsolete OS nowadays so they wont come after you. You might need to use a Torrent to do the download though. Then start from a thumb drive or burn to a cd and start from that


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        you can find one on kickass torrents,already activated,easy install