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Win XP - Two Machines


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  • Win XP - Two Machines

    I have two machine both running Windows XP. For the sake of ease let's call my [host] machine H2C. My wife's computer [remote] is F2C.
    Using windows "set up home computer for networking" I go through the wizard, putting in the computer name on the host H2C all the way to the end and finish the wizard. I do the same on my wife's computer and finish the wizard. Reboot both machines - come to the regular open screen both machines. On my wife's machine I have sub directories under Sharedocs on F2C [her machine] Her sharedocs folder and the sub-directories show up on my machine under network places.
    On HER machine when I open up my network places only thing there is HER sharedocs fold nothing else.
    I can copy and paste folders and files to her machine with no problem through the ethernet connection to her machine.
    I cannot access anything on my machine from HERS - there is no folder saying sharedocs on H2C.
    I'm wanting to print off her machine to my printer. I have the drivers installed on her machine for this printer. Her word processing program "print" shows my printer as being connected but I can't print to it. I tried all ports TCPIP, LRD and local don't work cause there isn't anything connected there.
    First help me get her machine to recognize my computer and set me up to print to my printer off her computer.
    I have a dell 4600C she has a compaq presario.

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    The easiest way to install a network printer is to browse to it. Notice the syntax:

    I used \mycomputername to address the remote computer.

    Can you do this and see the remote computer?

    Can you browse from there to the printer?

    If so, double click the printer to install it on the local machine.

    Let me know where you get stuck and what (if any) error message you receive.




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      I see your example shows an internet browser screen. I tried to open the same thing on my computer but it didn't have the address bar.
      I gave up on the "wired" connection and tried a wireless link - again - no luck.
      Networking even thru win xp isn't as easy as people think. My screens are different than your. I tried to setup a network connection side by side with my wife's, comparing the screens to mine - they're different!
      I gave up and ordered another phone line for dialup.


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        Try hitting the windows key and the letter e at the same time. Does it pull up a window that has an address bar?



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          Hi, Did you share the printer?


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            I have a pdf document that may help you share your printer. It walks you through step by step. Do you have a e-mail address?

            I cannot attach it here.