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wireless to wired?


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  • wireless to wired?

    My cable internet service is out for a couple of days until one of their techs can come and check the line for problems. I have a linksys usb dongle where I am able to get wireless internet service from my neighbors. This is my question, since I am able to get wireless internet service to my computer, is it possible to use this signal, temporarily, to also connect to my Vonage voip which is a wired device?

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    Vonage must have a direct connection to your cable modem as far as I know.


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      Did you get your neighbors permission? I would ask him before leeching his wifi.


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        If you have your neighbors permission, then what you really need is a wireless to wired bridge device. Such a device uses the wireless access as the "source" and bridges to the wired side.
        In my home, I have a location where I need to connect a wired blu-ray player but there is no wired connection available. To solve this, I use a Buffalo Technologies Wireless Ethernet Connverter (model number WLI-TX4-G54HP) which connects over WiFi back to my main wireless Access Point.
        The wireless part of the connection is "invisible" to the wired devices, so it should work OK for you.


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          Assuming you have a ethernet jack as addition to your USB dongle you can easily do it. See

 (put h t t p in front of that)

          For details.


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            Not unless you can run an ethernet cable to their router. haha