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Satellite M45-S2692 Power problem


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  • Satellite M45-S2692 Power problem

    I have a Toshiba laptop (Satellite M45-S2692). My battery won't charge. It stopped charging randomly a few months back. I've just been running it on AC power since then. I've tried replacing the battery with one I know works (from my friend's computer, same model), I've replaced the DC jack with a new one, and I've updated everything on my computer from Toshiba's website (BIOS, Power software, etc.).
    What else could possibly be the problem?

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    I don't really have a good solution but felt bad that no one else had one either. Toshibas seem to have a lot of electrical connection issues, ranging from power cords that barely miss connecting to their sockets to your battery issue to overheating. They also appear to be harder than average to dis-assemble for repair. Check out these instructions if you have time:

    Toshiba Satellite M35X. How to fix most common laptop problems. - Laptop Disassembly Help.

    I think if anyone is good at repairing Toshibas, they probably are laying low because they are so busy. We solved our Toshiba problem by buying a very cheap and tough Gateway.
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      If the battery won't charge, then the problem lies in the charging circuit of the laptop. You've changed the dc input so the inter-connect isn't at fault. I've had a compaq laptop all apart and managed to get it all back together and working, but that toshiba is a real pain. Inside the laptop is a circuit that is probably a step down transformer and a bridge rectifier circuit that changes the AC to DC for use with the computer AND charging the battery. But then after thinking, the rectifier should be ok because the thing runs off the external cord - so that leaves the battery jack inside to the battery. the connection between the battery compartment and the rest of the machine - check for an open path to the machine from the battery jack.