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  • virus note...

    Was on the Forestry Forum last night, clicked to some link, (can't remember what..) and of a sudden a window pops up claiming my computer has many infected files and needs to be scanned. Then the system showed a window with files being quickly presented...I immediately x'd the window. I ALWAYS use Mozilla, by the way. So, I have turned the system on twice since then and each time a message comes on saying Outlook Express can compress messages to conserve disk space. I don't use Outlook Express. What the heck might be going on?

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    I get that a few times I linked to sites. I immediately cancel the link by keying the X and X out any virus pc scan that automatically comes up. I exit firefox and reboot. usually avast stops the d/l right away. I do a virus scan with avast but nothing shows up. I have a program that monitors the registry called registry mechanic. it fixes anything that might be in the way.


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      Thanks, Hayzee. I did all that except the registry mechanic. I feel better about it now.


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        WinAntivirus PRO and variants of it will popup fake infection screens and try to trick you into installing their software.

        Just keep a decent AV program installed and updated so you can ignore any virus messages that don't come from your AV program.

        The outlook express message is not virus related, ignore it.