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is a netbook for me?


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  • is a netbook for me?

    Do any of y'all have experience w/netbooks? I use our desktop most days for email, some word processing, that sort of thing. Not much, if any, games - I do run Photoshop Elements fairly frequently...that's about it. Can a netbook handle that sort of thing?


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    Your going to be limited with a netbook, basically they are designed for basic uses. They don't have a CD rom drive so anything you need to install is either downloaded or on a thumb drive. I bought one specifically for travel simply because of it's small size making it easy to travel anywhere with as well as it's relatively low cost should it get damaged, lost or stolen.
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      My phone does so much now that having a netbook seems a bit silly since it doesn't do much more than my phone.

      I'd suggest for someone looking for a portable computer under $500 to get an off-lease refurbished unit.

      You won't get brand new features like 3G, N wireless, bluetooth, quad core, USB3, eSATA, etc.. but you will get a decent machine that looks/feels brand new.


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        Would a netbook be alright for a college student

        I am a college student who will really only need a portable computer for using Microsoft Office programs and the internet. I don't play games, watch movies, or listen to music on my laptops. I have a desktop I plan to use for iTunes. This also makes the lack of a CD drive not much of a concern. I'm an Education Major, so i will not need to run any design programs.

        My concern is that a netbook might not be everything I need.
        Any suggestions on whether or not I should get a netbook or a laptop?


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          Netbooks are not good at all, I would go with a MAC any day.


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            I have an Asus PC eee that I really like--fits easily into any bag, lightweight, actually pretty fast, very sturdy, keyboard not bad. But if you write a lot of stuff you have to store in files (as students might), it's probably better to get a cheap laptop like a Gateway or Acer with a decent size hard drive. The Asus also doesn't multitask as well as I'd like--you can run 2 tabs tops at once with any speed. But I think it certainly has a place if you're on the go a lot. Mine was only $200 -- well worth the price.


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              Good points, but I must point out that I believe the CD ROM drives will eventually go the way of the VHS recorders. Most people do not need them when traveling, anyway. I don't own a netbook, but I've been seriously thinking of getting one, lugging a 9-lb laptop around with all the associated junk is no fun, I'm tired of it.

              I wish the would just put some kind of pop-out mini-USB connector on the netbooks so all the cables can stay home.


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                Originally posted by billjones777 View Post
                Netbooks are not good at all, I would go with a MAC any day.
                I second that, a macbook air would be good if you want thin and light


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                  I'm new here, but really hope I can help.

                  I love my netbook, I have a ASUS EEE, 10 inch screen. Its great for browsing the web and posting on forums I like it to watch a movie now and then, and good for word processing.

                  One thing to look out for are the speakers, sometimes they have really bad speakers.

                  Let me know if you have any questions id be more than happy to help you find a deal.


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                    hey netbook are actually meant for your ease....
                    you can do whatever you want but make sure that you netbook is of good company and it also depends on the capacity of your netbook....


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                      A netbook can certainly handle that but they are rather small. If you can get used to the smaller screen I think you'll be happy with a new netbook.