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flatscreen tv /choices and./quality comparison

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  • flatscreen tv /choices and./quality comparison

    hello! i write bold, because my eyes see it better, after i have written it. please don't think i am yelling or the like. I need to get opinions on tv's i am senior ctizen and want to get what i need and want . I am asking for some help . what is the vizeo like >I have a phillips i liked really well- but its giving up on me after 8 years .if you wish to email or pm me thats good too, thanks for whatever you can give in info bob s i have 42" now and am going to a 50 inch.soon.

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    About all I can say for sure is don't waste your money on a smart TV. They are not a good investment. Other than that I basically think for the most part, they are all the same except for price. I'm sure that there is what is known as a sweet spot on size. Just like with computers over the years, the latest and greatest was always priced way over the top, but the next one down or maybe two down which was very close to the same speed as the latest was much less money.

    All this HD super HD and all the other terms they use to make things sound bigger and better are not even noticeable to us seniors and I'm not so sure the youngsters can tell a difference either. But you can sure spend a lot more money for the hype. Watch for sales of the models that are going out of favor and you will probably get the best deal.


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      I thank you very much, i'll take your advice .Iam not near as fussy about all the frills that are offered , do like the very clear pictuers/ that will suit me cheers bob s


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        I disagree 100% percent. I worked in beat buy for 5 years and can tell you it is not all about thr "smart" i use. And 7000 series samsung will be amazing for your eyes. Samsung colors burn brighter then any other which stimulates your eyes. The clarity and quality is unmatched. Not to knoxk vizio but if this is going in your living room then forget about it. A great looking tv is an amazing investment and brings up the value of your living room in every aspect including real estate. The first 2 things anyone including your self notices inside a living room is the couch and the TV. Do not sell your self short. I am not saying spend 5 grand on a smart tv. All i am saying get a nice reputable tv like samsung sony or LG. My tv preference is Samsung.