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Trying to control humidity in a basement crawlspace

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  • Trying to control humidity in a basement crawlspace

    Hey all, need some help here. Moved into home in New York. The humidity in the two levels of the home is controlled by the AC and fans. In the basement, there is no AC. I've added a dehumidifier (three - large basement) and fans to circulate the air. The temp in the basement is around 75% with the humidity at around 35%. However, there is a small, maybe five by twelve foot crawlspace of all cement closed off with one door into the basement. It's humidity was 75% + with a temp of 75 - 80 degrees. I've placed a dehumidifier, fan and HEPA filter in there and the temp has been around the same, but the humidity has gone down to around 25%. However, the humidity reader states the humidity is high. At 25% I do not see how the humidity is high. The temp is a bit high, but the crawl space is directly under the blacktop driveway. There really is no other way to let in air.

    What else can I do? Is the humidity reader stating that the temp is too high? From what I am told and what I had read, mold cannot grow without high humidity. Any mold in there, which there is none visible, was killed by the Sporicidin I sprayed the entire room (as directed). Also, there was no mold smell in the room either. It's basically a cement room with pipes and some insulation. I placed another humidity reader in the room and the humidity level ranges from 25% - 34%. That's well within a good range.

    Out of ideas... I just do not want to have a mold issue.