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  • Hey, Does This Even Exist?

    I was thinking the other day about how people often want to get into tackling home improvement projects, but they don't have any hands-on experience and no way to practice unless they try on their own house which, well, can go very wrong :-)

    Is there a such thing as mini-projects that come on practice boards? For example, you want to learn flooring, so you buy a pre-constructed square board that has old floor on it, and all the materials you'd need to rip up the practice floor from the board and install the new practice floor. It comes with all the needed materials and a step-by-step guide. Similar one could be for painting walls, putting up wallpaper, installing new bathroom tile, and even carpeting.

    Does anything like this currently exist?

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    Probably only in one's mind. For flooring for instance, it would have to have little walls all around, things like kitchen islands to work around and all sorts of different flooring to tear up. I can see where it could get pretty involved trying to come up with such a thing.

    The best way to learn is to practice on your neighbors house.


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      Originally posted by speedbump View Post
      the best way to learn is to practice on your neighbors house.



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        maybe that's something we ought to try. I'll talk to the admin and see what they think.


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          Who's neighbor are we going to use?