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  • Improving your home

    Replacing your windows, doors and sliding glass doors that are older than 2002, or were put in without a permit is crucial for your safety and peace of mind. They need to be replaced with new impact rated quality glass; this is something every Florida home and/or business owner should be considering now.

    New building codes went into effect due to Hurricane Andrew revealing some critical gaps in the building code related to safety and effectiveness. New doors and windows are required, considering the location of the building and being sure your windows and doors are durable and strong against Florida’s famous winds from thunderstorms and, of course, hurricanes.

    Older windows or ones installed without a permit should be your first concern and should be replaced right away, keeping you from paying extra cash due to damages to your home and/or business. Buildings closer to the coast can be hit by severe winds and need greater protection than buildings that are inland during the hurricane seasons. When you’re ready to protect your home, family, business/employees you can contact StormFitters for a free consultation.