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    I'm requesting that anyone of faith and trust in God to pray for my family. My wife walked out 1 week ago without letting me know she was leaving or giving any explanation of where she was going or why. We've had troubles in the past but the last 3 years had been the best 3 years of our marriage. She won't talk to me and friends have tried to get her to talk to them but nothing seems to be working. She needs a touch from God to soften her heart about whatever the problem is so we can begin talking and trying to work out whatever the problem is and can get our family back together. Thanks in advance for all your prayers. I know God can and will answer prayer if we pray hard enough and have faith. We've been married for 27 years and just when it was the best it's ever been she leaves.


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    Thanks for the prayers, my wife finally called me today and we spent a good while on the phone with one another discussing things that were bothering her that I wasn't aware of. She's not committed to coming back yet but I think now if I'll leave her a little bit of space and time to think everything will be worked out. Just because I say these things don't stop praying, lift our problems up to the Lord every chance you get. Anyone who says prayer doesn't work doesn't know the God that I know.