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    I am an office worker however my passion is hands on type work...flooring carpentry a bit of simple electrical and plumbing. I will try most anything. I am currently building my back deck. I also work solo...


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      I just found the intro you can call me Sherlock.

      I'm Bob. I'm 42... I started in the biz so far back I'm not really sure of the year. However, I'm pretty sure it was 78 when my father first started paying me, but he still made me split the gas with him.

      I did the 2 year college thing...Marketing...Real estate...however my major was wild women. I also did 2 years in a Military Academy in an attempt to redirect my priorities....Go figure.

      I've been up and down the biz like 2 Arabs trying to buy a 7/11. From a pencil to a shovel, I almost hit 7 figures twice, both followed by a nasty divorce...another go figure

      Now I'm down to 2 fellas and me, but I'm kinda liken it that way. I sell and us three go do....keeps it pretty simple.

      The forum looks great, I'll be sure to visit often before I get the boot.



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        Well I'll probably do a lot more question asking than answering, but if I'm sure about something I'll chime in. I'm a 42 year old professional engineer with a degree in civil engineering from the University of Kentucky, (Go Big Blue!). I work for a company that does roadway work and large excavation projects. I love to do mechanical work, wood work, and anything with my hands. Also love to ride the Harley. Have 3 girls, 4 counting my wife, LOL. I took 2 years of carpentry in high school and worked as a framer for a couple of years after that then went to college. My grandfather was a carpenter and mechanic. I usually try to do all my home repairs but like to ask questions. Nice to hear from you all, and I appreciate the knowledge.


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          My name is Bill. I was an automechanic for 5 years straight out of highschool before I got into my current trade which is garage door installations and repairs. I also diagnose and repair all brands of electric operators as well. I will be doing this for another two years until my schooling is done and will pursue a career as a Policeman.

          Great site, have learned alot about various projects from reading and hope to help out some along the way.



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            Originally posted by Doorguy06 View Post

            My name is Bill. I was an automechanic for 5 years straight out of highschool before I got into my current trade which is garage door installations and repairs. I also diagnose and repair all brands of electric operators as well. I will be doing this for another two years until my schooling is done and will pursue a career as a Policeman.

            Great site, have learned alot about various projects from reading and hope to help out some along the way.

            Nice to have you on board, welcome to the forum!


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              Hello from Bellbrook, OH

              My name is Dan, and I am an eighth grade LA / Reading teacher of 36 years. I also teach graduate computer classes to our staff through the University of Dayton and have a desktop publishing job on the side doing yearbooks.

              Our district is poor and the pay is the lowest in the county, so my wife and I have always had to learn how to do house repair jobs from books or by trial and error.

              My experience is very much like a wide and shallow river. With the exception of house painting and deck building for more than 20 summers ( don't all teachers paint houses in the summer? ), I have done some jobs only once. Maybe for a good reason.

              The most satisfying job my wife and I have done together was building the stone fireplace in our family room when we built 16 years ago. We picked out the rock from a "stone store" and hauled it home in the back of our poor van. Then we laid out the design on the floor in front of the fire place. After securing the screen on the wall, my wife handed me each stone while I attached it to the wall with grout. We'd put up two rows a day. When all was done, we finish grouted it with one of those squeeze bags and our bare fingers! About a quarter through the job, we noticed we didn't have any finger prints. I didn't know that rich mortar contains lots of lye in it! We switched to plastic gloves for the rest of the job. I still laugh on occasion of how stupid I can be!

              I also like to build furniture and refinish antiques. Right now I am refining some painting techniques to make things look old. It's tricky at times but rewarding too.

              This site is great. I just stumbled on it the other day and will probably spend a fair amount of time here.



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                Just joined this site, and I'm happy to have found it! My husband and I just bought our first house (well, condo). We love working on projects, so we bought one that needed a bit of updating.

                I have a B.S. in Kinesiology and work full time as a physical therapy aide, but I'm taking a couple classes each term so I can apply for nursing school. In my "spare" time, or lack thereof, I do the accounting for a restaurant that my husband and I own. So, school... work... accounting... house stuff...I'm definately not lacking in things to do.

                Our first major project was started yesterday. We tore off some wood paneling, then opted to just replace the drywall that was underneath. Unfortunately we found a bit of old dryrot/termite damage in one of the studs, so the project is on hold until we can contact the HOA...studs are their responsibility. At least we found no moisture (it was pouring yesterday too) and no insects.

                Our next project will be done this spring...we need to hire a plumber to relocate the plumbing for our washer into a closet. Right now the washer & dryer are in our small galley kitchen. Not a good spot.

                Anyway, hope that intro wasn't too long-winded. I look forward to learning from everyone!


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                  Hi, I also just found this intro thread. I work for a little Wall Street firm covering stocks and bonds, but my first love is real estate. My best friend and I got started by gutting (we only found out that was what it was years later) a summer bungalow in the Catskills and making it into a year-round house. Many object lessons over the years there! Now I'm rehabbing a brick row house in Philly, a city that probably has the most helpful tradespeople I've ever met. I'm really pleased to have found this site which has been helpful for all phases of projects and in emergencies too.


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                    Hi from Canada

                    Really new here. The only forums I've ever posted on before was a free dating site.
                    I always wondered if there was anything else out here in cyber land.

                    So, a big HELLO! from me and I'm looking forward to getting answers to my questions, and maybe even helping out someone else in need of an answer.

                    I'm a Superintendent of a just right size building,(39 apartments), and it has turned out to be a great move for me. I used to do property maintenance for a big management company, and the work was always the same old stuff and never satisfying.

                    I never thought I would be a Super, but hey, don't knock it till you've tried it. I'm really lucky though, because the management company I work for are great people and very smart as well. They know you just can't rent out a place if it doesn't look nice, so I get two weeks to redo an apt, sometime up to a month. When that happens, I get to have afternoon nap's, and it's ohh so great.Mind you, I do work at night quite often, but hey, I only have to walk up some stairs to get to my job! I turn on my radio and off I go.

                    Now I pretty much get to pick my own hours, and I get to do all the extras for pay. This includes everything concerning a rental turnover.
                    I've been doing renovations for years and I'm mostly one of those Jill of
                    all trades people. LOL If I can fix it myself, then I can get paid for it.
                    So I do my best at fixing most things, but I leave some stuff to the experts. I really don't want to lay carpets, Or replace entire floors with vct tiles. That's too much like real work for me.

                    My forte is actually in painting, and I can take a wall that looks like crap and make it beautiful again. I can scim coat a wall with a hawk and trowel, along with the best of them. My most favorite thing to do is Decorative painting and faux finishing, which I don't get to do much of here. BUt.. I do have a huge basement all to myself here, and I have been getting it ready for furniture refinishing and whatnots.

                    Well, I guess I've gone on long enough. Thanks for reading this far and nice to meet you all.


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                      I am newbie here .


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                        Originally posted by goodfriend View Post
                        I am newbie here .
                        yes, and a banned one at that. Buy some adspace if you want to advertise!


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                          Hi everyone,
                          I Just join the group! My name is Mike & I am a handyman! I worked as a Computer Service Manager for 15 yrs but have always liked to tinker with things!! I say I'm a Jack of all trades...Master of none!! LOL!!!

                          Mike H


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                            Hey Im new here. I own my own home repair site so I thought I would get to know some of you around the community. Are sig links allowed if they are not spammy or directly promoting to users? I want to ask before adding one or anything. I own several sites of my own so I always see if I can add links to help with PR and backlinks.

                            But hi everyone.


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                              If you want to help others with no ads or pay to you, fine. Ads promoting your site are a no no and will get you kicked real fast!


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                                Howdy! Just your average computer geek looking at buying an old home. I just love the look of the interiors

                                Right now I'm looking at a duplex (originally a single family) built in 1913 or thereabouts.

                                Nice to find a great place to get info and help!