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Wiring to a switch on a tablesaw motor

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  • Wiring to a switch on a tablesaw motor

    I'm rewiring a table saw motor with a larger wire supply cord (#12). When I pulled the motor, both the hot and neutral wires from the supply cord came off the switch (toggle). The motor is a 115V, 1 1/8 HP GE, with a black, white, and ground wire.
    There are 4 connections that on the switch; two wires are still intact and go to the motor. How can I tell which "prong" is the correct one for the hot wire from the new supply cord? Is there a test I can run with a multimeter to determine this?

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    any 15 amp switch will do. use a wirenut and splice the incoming white to the motor white. put the incoming black on one brass screw of the switch and the motor black on the other brass screw of the switch. what they probably had was a double pole single throw switch that broke both the line (L1) and neutral (L2)