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I need to make my home attractive


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  • I need to make my home attractive

    Im living in a home of 2400 sq.ft built up area, i have a living room, private room, Two bed rooms and a kitchen. I like to know how to make my home attractive, my budget is 10000$ for my home.

    Give me some attractive ideas to make my home attractive. Please ask me for more information iam ready to provide more information.

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    I think You should hire an interior designer which can recommend you some tips how you can make your home attractive in your budget.


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      The easiest and cheapest way is to look through decor magazines or even websites. There's a ton of them out there! My two cents would be (based on what I find attractive) to most importantly make sure that your furniture is laid out neatly in all the main areas of your home and that you maintain a consistent color-scheme throughout connecting areas of the house. Also, less clutter usually equates to a more attractive home so try and keep hoarding of items at the bare minimum, or better yet don't hoard at all.
      A fool-proof furnace repair manual...


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        Hiring an interior designer to help you on a budget is not very smart. Usually interior designers charge some serious $$$$.

        LarryHome said it right. Look at magazines for ideas. What I do is visit model homes of houses that are for sale in my area. They usually decorate beautifully. I’m sure you can get some ideas from there. If you home needs upgrades concentrate on one room at a time. Painting can be inexpensive if you do it yourself.
        Good luck!


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          The Interior designs are the main aspect, having a colour pattern on the walls that match your furniture is a good start.


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            To make your home attractive, consider these ideas:
            1. Focus on lighting: Install stylish fixtures and add accent lighting to highlight key areas.
            2. Enhance the walls: Apply a fresh coat of paint or use wallpaper for a pop of color and texture.
            3. Upgrade the flooring: Opt for cost-effective options like laminate, vinyl, or sisal carpet, or consider refinishing existing hardwood floors.
            4. Accessorize strategically: Add decorative items, artwork, and indoor plants to create a personalized touch.
            5. Update the kitchen: Consider repainting or refacing cabinets, changing hardware, and adding a backsplash.
            6. Revamp the bathroom: Replace outdated fixtures, add new accessories, and consider a fresh coat of paint.
            7. Create inviting outdoor spaces: Spruce up your porch or patio with outdoor furniture and potted plants.