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Commercial cleaning services for interior doors?


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  • Commercial cleaning services for interior doors?

    I just had a thought, does anybody have experience hiring a commercial cleaning service to clean interior storage doors? We're a mom and pop shop, and I used to hire my kids and their friends to clean the doors to get some extra money in their pockets, but now they're all grown and married off.
    I'd like to contract the interior door cleaning to once a quarter or something and am interested in if you have any experience to share and/or what type of company I'm looking for.​
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    • Type of company: You're looking for a commercial cleaning service that offers specialized or custom cleaning options. Many general janitorial services can handle this type of task.
    • Services to look for:
      • Industrial cleaning
      • Warehouse cleaning
      • Specialty surface cleaning
    • Considerations:
      • Ensure they have experience with the material of your storage doors
      • Check if they provide their own cleaning supplies and equipment
      • Verify they are insured and bonded
      • Ask about their scheduling flexibility for quarterly service
    • Finding services:
      • Search for "commercial cleaning services" or "industrial cleaning services" in your area
      • Ask other local businesses for recommendations
      • Check with your local chamber of commerce
    • Vetting process:
      • Request quotes from multiple companies
      • Ask for references, particularly from similar businesses
      • Inquire about their cleaning methods and products
    • Contract considerations:
      • Clearly define the scope of work (e.g., cleaning interior storage doors quarterly)
      • Specify any safety requirements or protocols for your facility
      • Discuss and agree on a convenient schedule