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  • Lighting

    Please list your questions dealing with lighting - types, best for your use, energy efficiencies - what to use for what etc.

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    If it's not LED I don't use it for exterior lighting, for that matter even inside I'm slowly converting over to LED.
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      I'm kinda leery about using LEDs inside or outside. I have a few CFLs here and they seem to be working ok. The only thing about LEDs is they run on DC, so they must have a rectifier of some sorts running the bulbs. The LEDs I have seen are small and they have them wired in series aiding - anode to cathode, anode to cathode etc until they equal the input voltage. The LEDs consume 1.2 volts per lamp. They might even include a voltage dropping transformer, then feed a small bridge rectifier for the dc. After you get the DC they might even use a voltage divider network to get a usable dc output.