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  • Upgrade

    Everything seem ok with the upgrade? This should give us the ability to fight spam better, fixes many many bugs. We'll be working on the site so any input is much appreciated!

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    I like the new look, might take a little getting used to where everything is now though.

    What happened to Troy ?
    Little about a lot and a lot about a little.
    Every day is a learning day.


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      l'm here Pushkins. Alex and I are working together on the upgrades. Thanks for all you do and if you need anything let us know!


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        The new look....

        Lots of work here, Troy. A great job done. The only issues I have are about the obligation of hearing the advertising. Very distracting when concentrating on the Forum threads. The other issue may be more a personal one, in that it involves color. May be just my old eyes, but sometimes the printing on the orange background is hard to see. "Your Message", in this instance, is a pale green on an orange strip. For me, unless it's black on orange, it's hard to see. Gees....sou8nds like there's more gripe in this note than compliment! Sorry. I do admire all the work done. {well...MOST of it! }


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          I've got the video not starting automatically, and we'll look at ways to increase the contrast and make it more readable. Thanks for the suggestions!


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            post thread window

            where you have date stamp, the AM - PM runs into a brown printing that says :brun