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MPI Monitor 40 with no problems


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  • MPI Monitor 40 with no problems

    I've had my Monitor for about 20 years and never a problem. It's a camp heater and only gets used a little at the beginning or end of summer. This week it started acting up but was cured quickly.

    My Monitor 40 had the flashing orange lights problem but now fixed thanks to this forum. There is quite a bit of very good information on the forum and many helpful posters which is great. The posts are mostly very understandable and a big help for that is HayZee518's Illistration post with terms and pointers. Great post.

    This post is just a Thank You post to let you know your efforts are appreciated.
    Take care,

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    Thank You for the complements. A few years back, no one knew what a monitor heater was or how to troubleshoot and repair them. Al Luce had a site with very little helps to this extent. They tell me he died in an accident.


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      I have the same Monitor 40 and it is having a flashing orange lights problem. How to fix this problem? Can you help with this?


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        flashing burner lights means there is a problem with the flamerod detector or its circuit. no fuel, ice in the fuel line or plenum overheat will lock out the computer. to begin, unplug the unit. shut off the fuel flow to the unit. make a trough out of aluminum foil and get a shallow pie tin. put the trough under the right side cut-out and unscrew the large screw. then unscrew the other two screws and remove the filter screen inside. use a 9/16" open end wrench and unscrew the gland nut on the sump. remove four base screws and remove the sump tank. remove two philips screws and lift out the solenoid pump. clean its screen with spray gumout and shake dry. look inside the sump tank and clean it out with q tips and gumout. unplug the flamerod, remove two screws and pull out the flamerod. clean this off with alcohol and sand the rod with 600 grit sandpaper. replace it and center the rod between the sidewall and burner head. put everything together and restart the unit. next to look at is the combustion blower. you may need to replace bearings or buy a new motor.