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Great Stuff spray foam and a door


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  • Great Stuff spray foam and a door

    I'm a very newbie home owner. Here's the funny thing I did and if anyone has a solution to my problem I'd be happy.

    There is a full door between my bedroom and a three season porch. Last winter my bedroom was very drafty. This winter I figured I'd do something about it. I bought that spray foam in a can called Great Stuff. I closed the door and proceeded to spray it between the door and the frame around all three sides.

    Guess what? Of course the stuff hardened and now the door is firmly sealed and I can't get it open. However it did solve the draft problem during this past winter.

    I do have access to the porch because there is a window out to the porch and I can climb through it.

    My question is this. What's the best way to get my door open? Obviously I love using the porch for three seasons. Is there some way to get that foam stuff out from between the door and door frame?

    Thanks for any advice!

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    take a butter knife and run it all around the door and casing. once the door is open use an 80 grit sandpaper and pare down the remaining foam.


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      LMAO....I'm so sorry for laughing but rest assured your not the first to do this exact thing, The foam you needed was in a blue tin made especially for "door and window", it expands but no where near as much or with as much pressure as "great stuff".
      Basically you need to cut out the foam in the area you sprayed it into, a long sharp knife works well (be careful) you could also just scrap at it and remove chunks until the door is free, then use "door and window" spray foam.

      Just to show you your not that bad off, I had a client who sprayed "great stuff" in the gaps and right away reattached the door trim around the door hoping to create a perfect seal, this worked so well in fuzing the door to the frame, to the studs, to the drywall and to the trim, nothing opened, the door knob wouldn't even turn, I have a photo here somewhere, everyone had a great laugh even the homeowner (eventually)
      Little about a lot and a lot about a little.
      Every day is a learning day.


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        HayZee, I'm not sure a simple butter knife is strong enough. This stuff is pretty thick. But I'll try it.

        Pushkins, yeah it is kinda funny and I'm glad I'm not the only dumb newbie homeowner out there.

        All the other things I've read recommend using acetone, but that's too strong and kinda dangerous.

        I think you're both right. Good old fashioned scraping and sanding should do the trick. I do have plenty of old knives that were left in the house when I moved in two years ago. Or maybe I'll buy one of those long skinny saws.



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          If you have a "bread" knife (the big one that coats loaves) they work very well. Or a small drywall saw (Lowes or HD) they are about 10" long and cost about $8.
          It's not a dumb mistake, just a simple mistake, now if you do the same thing again, that would be a dumb mistake

          DO NOT use acetone !!!!!
          Little about a lot and a lot about a little.
          Every day is a learning day.