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  • water off FIRST

    Last summer I saw something so stupid I had no choice but to laugh!
    I was at the NOW ex-girlfriends apartment, where her mother just happens to be the superintendant of the building... We were all out the side having a barbecue with a few tenants and just having a wild time when another tenant comes outside and says to the Ex's mom " Sherri we seem to have a little leak in the bathroom"... She gets up and goes in to investigate... Not more than 30 seconds later I am called in and met at the door by Sherri with the boiler room key and her saying " Here is the boiler room key.... go there and close the main shutoff.. now RUN!!!!".. I Ran down there, shut the main off and came up to see what happened, Turns out one of the tenants in that unit thought he was going to repair his leaky bathroom tap himself.. No problem only that there are NO shutoff's under the sink and to top it off, the pressure in the place is phenominal (pumping station across the street). Needless to say the tenant unscrewed the cartridge from the tap with the water on!
    The carteridge hit the ceiling and took off in the room somewhere, as well as the water, it was hitting the ceiling and going EVERYWHERE, anything that could catch water was FULL of water, and hot water to boot....
    Anyway after digging up a spare carteridge and installing it (no buggered threads in the tap) and after watching Sherri tear a strip out of 'em, On went the water and on went the barbecue... Guess you would have had to have been there to see it


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    I do not know how to stop this.[:I]

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      Water off First

      Sounds like the super needs to make a ruling that only the "super" should be doing repairs!