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  • Weedwhacker Repair

    I used to have a Homelite weedwhacker that I bought new as a "bargain". Afer a few years use minor things kept breaking on it, like the trigger switch, etc. The worst problem was that during hot, humid weather, it would vapor lock and would rarely start again if you shut it off to change string, etc. One hot summer day I shut it off to add string. I must have tried 20 times to get it going - should have quit but now it was just the "general principle". I finally gave it one more pull as hard as I could. The rope broke and I hit myself square in the jaw. And you guessed it, it started right up. I said not a word, walked into the barn, got my 12lb sledgehammer and began swinging "haymakers" down on the beast. When it finally died and I was completely worn out, I turned around to see the family wide eyed and choking back laughter. I calmly put the hammer away, threw the remains in the trash and said "I'm not asking for anything for Father's Day".

    I'm still using the new Stihl 12 years later. The family always asks where the sledgehammer is when I'm working on something.....

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    Hahah yeah the Homelites are cheap. I saw them on sale for next to nothing once and see them on CL alot!


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      I agree with you jayrod


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        Same here