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  • Dog and Parrot

    I was asked by a friend to look at her furnace. So I go over on Sunday when she is at church -- Use the key she gave me and head down to the basement. At the foot of the stairs I step over a VERY large sleeping dog. Get to work looking at the furnace when I hear "Do you know what you're doing" Startled I discover a parrot in a cage in the corner. Over the next 15 minutes this bird continually repeats the same "DO YOU KNOW WHAT YOU'RE DOING" Annoyed I finally say "Darn it bird shut-up" then later "BIRD - DO YOU KNOW ANYTHING ELSE TO SAY?" After a pause I hear "Sick em boy, sick em" -- and the very large dog opens one eye and looks at me -- Suffice to say, I was in the basement bathroom until my little old lady friend came home from church --- Darn Parrot . . . . .

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    Haha, that parrot was funny And where did the parrot heard those words.


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      oh haha i get it!


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        LOL, that's a great story.

        My African Grey's always telling the dogs to "sit, shut up, go outside", etc. I think he'd help a burglar out.


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          I would not fear the parrot, I would fear the owner lol


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            LOL, great story!