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How do you know if a gas stove can be installed?


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  • How do you know if a gas stove can be installed?

    I am about to purchase a condo, but none that I have looked at has a gas stove. There is one property built in the 1940s that visibly has a gas hookup in the kitchen. My real estate agent says most properties in this area have electric stoves ... However, some have natural gas heating. Does that mean there is gas line in the building and I could have a gas hookup installed in the kitchen? What things do I need to look for to find out if a gas stove can be installed?

    I am not exactly sure which forum I should post this. Should this be under plumbing?

    Thanks in advance for your help!

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    Plumbers are the ones usually installing gas lines so if there are any visiting the forums here, they would likely be reading the messages in the plumbing forums.

    IF the home already has a gas service, I believe all that would prevent a gas range from being installed is the size of the gas lines in the house. If there is already a gas line to the kitchen, that may not be a problem but a home inspector or gas installed should be consulted to make sure.


    Dan O.
    The Appliance Information Site


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      Thanks for your reply

      I just posted on the plumbing forum.