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How to remove agitator in Kenmore Washer?


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  • How to remove agitator in Kenmore Washer?

    I have a Kenmore washing machine, model # 110.28902790. It's banging on spin, so I'm going to replace both sets of wear pads. I watched the video, and I'm good until it comes to "use a 7/16 socket to remove the bolt and washer" inside the agitator. Mine doesn't have a bolt. Or a screw. Or anything that looks removable. There's just a pencil-thick smooth, round, flat metal piece inside. I don't see anything to loosen or remove. Help?

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    the plastic part with the rectangular cutouts in it IS the nut. The metal part in the center is threaded. Make a spanner that will fit two opposing cutouts. Either machine a spanner out of solid steel or weld keystock the appropriate spacing on a solid steel bar.


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      Thanks for letting me know which part you had to take off. After looking at it, it looked like the square hole might be a good fit for a 1/2 inch socket extension. Put it in there, fit perfectly, was able to spin that plastic piece off no problem. Thanks again.