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LG Refrigerator freon leak

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  • LG Refrigerator freon leak

    I had a leak on my LG fridge and the tech who repaired it installed with what looks like compression fittings. He replaced the evaporator. Are compression fittings suitable for repairs on freon? I'm betting no.

    I've never seen compression fittings on HVAC everything is brazed. Of course a month later the tech is back to replace the compressor. I'm interested to see how this repair is made.

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    Refrigerant line union

    A compression fitting is a screw and nut affair. I've never seen them used on domestic appliances but I don't know that they are against any laws.

    In recent years manufactures have suggested using a different type of union, which is not a screw compression fitting but sealed by heat instead. Those too are not against any laws AFAIK.

    I have never done LG factory service but if you get the appliance's model number you can see if you can find the service manual online to see how the repair is advised to be repaired by LG.

    Dan O.
    The Appliance Information Site