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Diagnose LG refrigerator issue

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  • Diagnose LG refrigerator issue

    I have an LG fridge model # LFX28978ST /00 I had a freon leak repaired and a new compressor installed on this 4 yo POS. Thankfully all covered under warranty.
    Since the repairs it will cool/freeze likes its supposed to but daily it'll warm up enough to melt the ice enough to drip down the face of the fridge. Temps in the fridge get to 41F and freezer temps get to 31F.
    The warranty company has deemed it unrepairable because it's been 4 attempts to get it right. But I'd like know what the issue is?

    Any techs have an idea on what I can look at to repair this?

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    31F isn't warm enough to melt ice. Even at 41F it would take a considerable amount of time to melt already frozen ice.

    Are you certain that is the cause of the leakage?

    Where exactly is the water leaking from?

    Are there puddles (either frozen or not) inside the refrigerator?

    How is it getting on the face of the fridge??

    Dan O.
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