I know this is a vague question but here it is. I have a 2015 model Frigidaire refrigerator. The Auxiliary Freezer Temperature Control in the freezer compartment was stuck and could not be adjusted the first time I tried to use it. I was able to manage to keep both compartments in the temperature range I desired using only the Refrigerator/Freezer Temp. Adjustment Control slider in the refrigerator compartment which moves smoothly from Cold to Recommended to Coldest positions. The warranty I have expires mid-January 2018 and this week I had 2 appointments with a service company to look at the issue but both times they didn't show up. For some reason, in between the 2 scheduled appointments the Auxiliary Freezer Temperature Control slider moved out of the middle Recommended position but only in 2 increments above & below the Recommended position (if these positions are normal they might be considered presets). I am waiting for answers from Frigidaire via their website question submission page since I cannot wait on hold as they are extremely busy at this time. Does it seem that these "preset" positions might be normal for the Auxiliary Freezer Control or is it more likely that the slider should move smoothly/freely? Thank you.