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GE Spacemaker washer tub has crack. What to mend it with?


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  • GE Spacemaker washer tub has crack. What to mend it with?

    I have a GE Space maker washer dryer. Model is wsm2780dbwxw. (replace x with w... the
    cops said I can't include URLs... lol

    A drywall screw became lodged in a basket drain hole and punched a hole in the tub. It's more like it
    pushed out a little section. There's no hole, just a crack. It has to be patched or goodby unit.

    The tub is made out of a "greasy" white plastic, the kind I've seen used in the food industry.
    It's not really "greasy" it just feels that way. PVC is the right color, but PVC has a dry feel to it.
    Bottom line is I don't know what kind of material this is. So the question is...

    What compound should I use to patch over this crack. I will not be able to apply anything in the crack
    since it too tight (but not so tight water doesn't spill out). And I'm inclined to sandwich the glue
    with a patch of material for support. It does rock and roll down there.

    I'd really like to come at this from the inside but there is just too much monkey business with removing
    the basket (which I'll do if this first attempt fails ...special wrench and screws all over).

    I was thinking J B Weld but, like I said, I don't know what this stuff is.


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    tub is poly with silicone. have to replace tub. nothing will stick to it. using a screw and a nut will imbalance the tub.