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air conditioners and BTU


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  • air conditioners and BTU

    hi everyone,

    as far as air conditioners, what is a good BTU for a medium sized bedroom ?

    and what is a good air conditioner brand at a low price ?

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    A/C Size

    Originally posted by changintimes

    what is a good BTU for a medium sized bedroom ?
    There's no such thing. The proper sizing is dependant on the actual size of the room (not just a vague estimation like "small", "medium", "large"), ceiling height, how many windows the room has, their size and the direction they face, exterior vs interior wall area, wall thickness, etc.

    You can find a detailed room a/c sizing worksheet at the first link below and a very simple size chart at the second. Of course, the more accurate the information supplied, the more accurate the result will be.

    LINK > Detailed A/C Sizing Guide
    LINK > Simple A/C Size Chart

    BTW. Do not over-size the air conditioner or you may not receive the dehumidifying effect a/c's usually provide, which is as important as the heat removal. Having an oversized model will often leave you feeling 'clammy' (cool but damp too).


    Dan O.
    The Appliance Information Site