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Please include Make and Model # in post


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  • Please include Make and Model # in post


    Please include the make and model number in your post when asking about a appliance that you would like help with.

    I have many diagrams and photo's I can look up to help you repair the problem, but I need a model number.

    It also help if you can tell me about how old the appliance is and a little history.

    For example:
    "We bought the washer new 15 years ago" or "I don't know how old the refrigerator is becuase it came with the house, we have had it 5 years"

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    Sounds like a good idea to me. I made it sticky so those in the future will see it as well.


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      Where to find the model number


      Please include the model number in your post
      ... and the only reliable place that will be found is right on the appliance's identification tag and not on any paperwork (manual, instructions, etc.) which may have come with the appliance when new, sale brochures or web sites nor from marketing names ("70 series", "Deluxe", "Gold", "Heavy Duty", "Elite", etc.) which may be printed in plain sight on the front of the appliance.

      You can find help with locating the actual model and serial number tag (like shown above) on your appliances at the following link:

      LINK > Model Number Identification Tag Search

      The more accurate information you can provide, the better the chance of someone being able to help suggest a solution.


      Dan O.
      The Appliance Information Site

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