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Washing machine drainage hose diameter problems...


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  • Washing machine drainage hose diameter problems...

    Just got a new washing machine. This one due to (IMO) poor design has the washer drainage hole on the back of machine but at the VERY bottom instead of at the top like my old one.

    So of course the drainage hose included with the new machine is 3-4 feet too short to reach the drainage pipe up in the drywall. The hose that comes with the machine is only 4 feet long but needs to be about 7-8 feet (if it was up at the top like my old machine this would have been fine btw).

    I thought this would be an ez situation to rectify just getting a longer hose but that has turned into a week long odyssey of frustration. I have been to 2 Home Depots, 1 Lowes, walmart, and 2 hardware stores and no one has a long enough hose of the correct diameter (needs to be 1 inch).

    The manufacturer offers a 4 foot "extension" kit for the supplied hose for a ridiculous $45 plus shipping at several repair/supply houses (but not direct from the manufacturer). Seems like they have intentionally created an expensive ripoff market to accommodate the 2/3rd of homeowners who need longer drain hoses that buy this machine.

    I would rather use one long hose than use an extension kit anyway (introducing a leakage/failure point) and refuse to give them another $50 for a piece of plastic that costs about 10 cents to make anyways - they should have simply including longer hoses (or make them available for reasonable prices).

    So instead I bought a "universal" longer hose from Amazon of 8 foot length. On the end that connects to the washing machine with options for 1 inch, 1 1/8 inch, or 1 1/14 inch, and you "simply" cut off the ends to get to the piece that you need. No problem there but...

    The goddam end that is supposed to be 1 inch diameter is really 1 1/16 inch, even on inner dimension of the pipe. Which means instead of fitting SNUGLY across the washing machine connector piece it is loose. And if clamped down this creates folds in the thin pipe instead of a good solid connection.

    I have spent 3 DAYS scouring the internet unsuccessfully for a true 1 inch diameter pipe of about 7-8 feet in length. All I can find is these "universal" ones where you cut them to the right diameter piece and reading reviews on them seems like all of them are not REALLY ONE inch across.

    So instead I am wondering - can I use some kind of waterproof tape, wrap that around the outside of the washing machine outlet, then put this universal hose over that with a better/tighter fit, then clamp that down??? Will that possibly work? Or are their better ideas/ways to do this????? Thanks....

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    Hey, Snowdog. I found this :
    Since there's no pressure involved I think this would be a perfect fix.
    Hope it helps...