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Electric Dryer picky about what 240 volt wall plug it's hooked up to!


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  • Electric Dryer picky about what 240 volt wall plug it's hooked up to!

    This is very ODD. So one day, we had a rain storm. It knocked out all the electricity. When the electricity came back on, my tenants said they heard a strange pop noise by the dryer. They had the dryer ON when the electricity went out hours before. So now the dryer won't come back on. I tested the line and sure enough it was only getting HALF the needed voltage. So I took off the wall plug cover and saw the fried burn marks on the wall box plug prongs. I replaced the wall plug box. Still nothing. So then I replaced the 30amp breaker switch. Still nothing. Had to have an electrician come out and run a new copper\romex line from dryer to breaker box, thinking somehow the wiring got damaged? Then my tenants said the dryer worked for a while then stopped again. Sure enough I come by and test it. Dryer dead. But wall plug still giving out proper voltage since it was fixed. I take the dryer to my own home and test it. NO problem! So now my tenants ended up moving. New tenants move in. I told new tenants to let me know if their dryer works. Today they say they did a full cycle and no issue! So how can the original dryer NOT work on a wall plug, but yet a different dryer CAN work on it fine, PLUS the original dryer still works fine on a DIFFERENT wall plug at another location? It's not like the dryer had a fuse blown or circuit board issue. This is very ODD.

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    that is a strange one! i dont even have a guess….