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Kenwood XD500 wont read any disc!

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  • Kenwood XD500 wont read any disc!

    Hello friends!

    I have this old Kenwood XD 500 minicomponent system, it is 15 years old.

    Today, it suddenly stopped reading any CD. It says "No Disc" after attempting many, many times and many CD I just got tired.

    I put discs on the tray as always and try time and again, but it keeps trying to read them but it just skips and skips until it shows "No Disc"

    I guess this needs repair

    But what do you think? Is it better to replace it with something new?

    What you recommend?

    I want something smaller than the Kenwood XD 500, don't need much power I live in a small room really but want dynamic range.

    I listen 99% of the time to Opera and Classical Music a lot and it requires a huge dynamic range specially for high pitched soprano voices. So speakers better have super tweeters yeah!

    Ok Im looking for nothing fancy, just average quality, want something reliable that would last another 15 years or so (LOL) and that it is smaller because as I said, I live in a small room. I need no much power.

    Something that can play MP3 files that you can connect a USB stick

    It doesn't need to be iPod compatible, I don't even own an iPod.

    Just something good quality

    Im gonna miss my XD 500 speakers with super tweeters inculded they are so great!! (Would I keep those speakers?)

    My budget? About USD400-500

    What are the good brands nowadays?

    Thanks in advance!!

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    it sounds like you might have a dirty laser lens. over time these attract dust as they run warm. you could try a lens cleaning disc or if you are a little more adventerous you could try the cotton bud trick, you will have to disassemble first to gain access to the lens, when you have just simply breath on the lens and clean it with a dry cotton bud gently. another cause can be a sticking laser assembly, the laser mechanism usually is driven via a motor which runs along a metal rod underneath, the metal rod can become dry as it needs light lubrication, just put a small drop of 3 in 1 oil on a small flat bladed screwdriver and place the bead of oil on the metal rod, this should lubricate the rod, it wont hurt to add a couple more drops along the rod, just not too much! its worth a try, what have you got to lose?

    good luck!

    regards, peter.