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New tv with interference....


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  • New tv with interference....

    Helping a neighbor with his situation....
    Existing was a Direct TV 'standard' receiver hooked to a Mitsubishi 50" projection tv. Mitsubishi started going dark green, was replaced with a Polaroid LED flat screen. Wonderfully sharp picture, except for the horizontal lines. Similar to static lines. But they are thin, do not scroll up or down and are constant throughout all programs and all channels. No furnace running or flourescent lights or microwave is on. Even tried extension cord to other circuits. No change. The salesperson eventually told us to use an HDMI cable, that the coax cannot transmit properly to the HD tv. Turns out there's no HDMI port on the Direct TV 'standard' receiver and we have to upgrade to an HD unit. Well, that's a hundred bucks right off, plus 20 for shipping, plus an added ten a month.
    My that true? Is it in fact a need of a new receiver? I thought the new tv's could show either, digital/analog or HD.

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    direct tv

    I have one flat screen plasma with an HDMI input and a direct tv receiver HDMI compatible. I have another direct tv receiver that doesn't have the type F bulkhead connector.
    It does, however, have a composite video cable, colors RED, GREEN and BLUE. It also has the type S video cable.
    Check the back of the TV for the composite video in or the type S video connector.
    Check the back of the direct receiver for those outputs [other than the type F] connector.
    IF there's nothing compatible, call direct tv. you don't have to buy a receiver. you have the option of leasing on a monthly basis from them.
    when direct tv was installed, a tech usually sets up the receivers for the tv-s using the cable.[dish] two tv-s require a dual LNB amplifier at the dish.


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      The neighbor acted on it, as the Direct TV tech will be out Wednesday. Anxious to see where this goes and if those lines disappear...


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        flat panel

        let us know what happens with the tech rep.


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          Neighbor is a happy camper. Although the old dish was on a tripod antenna about 15/20' up, he elected to cement in a five foot and install a new dish with the HD logo on it. Also the new receiver. Neighbor says the picture is very sharp and clear and his wife is pleased, too. Direct TV was very cooperative with them in giving price breaks and help. Old people with a very limited income needed some help and Direct TV was definitely there for them.


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            no, it depends on your tv provider. the channels have to be available in HD.