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Samsung plasma tv suddenly died


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  • Samsung plasma tv suddenly died


    I have a 5 year old Samsung plasma tv - model F8500 - and recently while watching television, it turned off- as did my cable box. The cable box immediately restarted but the tv was dead. No standby light - nothing. It was plugged into a power strip with surge protection and the other electronics plugged into it are fine. I tried plugging it into multiple wall outlets and a different power strip and nothing happens. No noises - lights - nada.

    Im told (reading online and from my tech geek friend) that this television is the last great plasma of it's kind and only the new OLED's will rival it in terms of picture quality. I'd love to repair it if I can do it with minimal expense - which likely means trying to figure it out myself. I'm told to start with the power supply. Anyone out there have ideas as to what the problem is and/or what the likelihood is that the power supply replacement will fix it? I dont want to be dumping money into a television when I have no idea whether that will solve the problem.

    Advice appreciated!

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    Bear in mind I am NOT an expert!! But...many tv's have a fuse inside. Sometimes (!) they get blown because of ...whatever. Take the back off and look around. Start where the power cord comes through the cabinet. You should see a fuse near there. A glass tube type thing with metal caps on each end and is maybe an inch or so long. I've had many issues with surge protection power strips not protecting my devices. One of them caught on fire inside of a cabinet when the power came back on. We got lucky. No damage except for losing a tv and the surround sound. the cabinet inside was heavily blackened and it took quite a bit to air out the smell of that burnt plastic. You may get lucky and it's just the fuse. Hope so.


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      it's a samsunginists turning off the TVs to force ppl shopping! =/