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  • Recording tv program...

    We have a 'free air' situation in our house. It is, of coarse, a digital signal. All tv's are digital. Wife desires some program(s) to be recorded for future play back. I see digital recorders (Tivo, for example..) require purchasing a 'plan' to use the device after it's purchase. Is/are there any units that just record and play back at our discretion?

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    I think those are called VCRs.

    Do your TVs support Hulu or other apps such as YouTubeTV? If so you would still have a monthly fee but no other hardware to purchase.


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      Yes, we have a vcr, but it's not ideal for our (her) purposes. I'm looking at some other options. We did the Hulu thing a while back by running her laptop through the tv. Worked fine for that purpose. Now we have another issue that needs 'fixing'....


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        Purchased a iView-3500STBII and installed a USB stick. Formatted that and all is well.
        The user manual was 'sort-of' helpful. Made more sense after I made a lot of mistakes.
        Not the easiest book to follow. But it's done now.


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          just wondering how this is going. are you happy with it? I have other options if you aren’t….


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            I'm now using DVBViewer Pro on Windows 11 (64-bit). I would like to know which tools could be used to schedule TV recordings without the need to run the DVBViewer.