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Kitchen Cupboard Doors


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  • Kitchen Cupboard Doors

    The cupboard doors in my kitchen close by themselves. When I open the cupboard door I have to hold it open instead of it remaining open by itself.

    Any hints on how I can get it to remain open when I am putting stuff away?

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    get hinges that are not self closing or try to take the spring out


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      You could try to adjust your hinges. Even if they are not self closing the angle may be to straight or tilted slightly. Twisting the hinges a few millimeters in opposite directions will make the hinge feel sticker but it should hold them in place. You could probably jut unscrew the tops of both hinges and give them a good tap in opposite directions. I had to contact one of my handyman friends with a similar problem and that is what he told me to do. If that does not work, you will need to try out different styles of hings. Just make sure everything is level and you are good to go.
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